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I just want to play music.

Ever since I was little I have grown up around guitars and great musicians and songwriters.  My dad has been playing guitar and singing us his original songs my whole life.  Every year since I can remember I have been to every Planet Bluegrass Festival.  That has been a huge influence on my life and my music.  Some of the world's greatest musicians have played at these festivals and the inspiration to play grows with every note played.

I started taking leaps into the music world and quit playing in the background.  There are so many supportive musicians out there that encourage anyone to just try.  The jams in the campgrounds have made me become a more confident singer and player because we are all just there for the music, fun, and family feel.  No matter what circle you jump into, you are considered a part of the group.  The first time I played on the Wildflower Pavilion stage at Rockygrass Academy was the moment I knew that this was what I wanted to do.  I love singing to people and telling a story through a great song.  

As a Colorado native, I have played with many different career paths, but my heart always seems to beat to the sound of music.  This is what I want to do and what makes my soul stay warm and alive.  Let's play.


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